New service by Ship2aruba SuperSaver (Low budget) address
In Coral Springs

Important information

Save money with Ship2Aruba
SuperSaver address, the cheapest shipping in 99% cases.
Our Coral Springs address is NOT sales tax free like our Sarasota Address
For our Sarasota address and information click here

Our SuperSaver address uses a Hybrid shipping system, this means some packages will be shipped with air cargo, some will be shipped with ocean cargo, some packages can only be shipped with ocean cargo. Packages that weigh less than 30 Lbs. and also their Dim weight is less than 30 Lbs. are priced according to their weight and packages that weigh 30 or more Lbs. (actual weight or Dim weight) are priced based on the dimensions of the package.

SuperSaver Prices
Small and Medium boxes
price based on weight.
Price per Lbs. is 3.95 AWG 
Max 30 Lbs. , when it's over 30 LBs 
it will need to be shipped
with ocean cargo
price based on dimension
1AWG 3.95AWG 3.95
2AWG 3.95AWG 7.90
3AWG 3.95AWG 11.85
4AWG 3.95AWG 15.80
5AWG 3.95AWG 19.75
6AWG 3.95AWG 23.70
7AWG 3.95AWG 27.65
8AWG 3.95AWG 31.60
9AWG 3.95AWG 35.55
10AWG 3.95AWG 39.50
11AWG 3.95AWG 43.45
12AWG 3.95AWG 47.40
13AWG 3.95AWG 51.35
14AWG 3.95AWG 55.30
15AWG 3.95AWG 59.25
16AWG 3.95AWG 63.20
17AWG 3.95AWG 67.15
18AWG 3.95AWG 71.10
19AWG 3.95AWG 75.05
20AWG 3.95AWG 79.00
21AWG 3.95AWG 82.95
22AWG 3.95AWG 86.90
23AWG 3.95AWG 90.85
24AWG 3.95AWG 94.80
25AWG 3.95AWG 98.75
26AWG 3.95AWG 102.70
27AWG 3.95AWG 106.65
28AWG 3.95AWG 110.60
29AWG 3.95AWG 114.55
30AWG 3.95AWG 118.50

AWG 4.95
Insurance is optional, you can deselect the insurance.
Insurance High Risk items (TV, Glasses, Mirrors, Car lights,)
1 % of Value + AWG 14.95

*INSURANCE IS OPTIONAL, YOU CAN DESELCT IT WHEN YOU UPLOAD THE INVOICE, once you upload the invoice you cannot cancel the insurance anymore, again if you do not want insurance deselect it before you upload the invoice.


Large Heavy price based on dimension

Max 30 Cubic Feet 
MAX 100 Lbs

Cubic FeetPrice Per cubic
4AWG 22.00AWG 88.00
5AWG 22.00AWG 110.00
6AWG 22.00AWG 132.00
7AWG 22.00AWG 154.00
8AWG 22.00AWG 176.00
9AWG 22.00AWG 198.00
10AWG 22.00AWG 220.00

30>AWG 1.00
ConsolidationAWG 4.95
Insurance High Risk items (TV, Glasses, Mirrors, Car lights,)4.50%
Handling1% of Value + AWG 19.95

Handling for each lbs. price per lbs. (When a box is heavy it's more handling.AWG 0.50

*INSURANCE IS OPTIONAL, YOU CAN DESELCT IT WHEN YOU UPLOAD THE INVOICE OR BEFORE IT'S SHIPPED, once the package ships you cannot cancel the insurance anymore, you need to do that before the package ships.

Frequently asked questions

What do you do? 
We ship your items from our warehouse in USA to Aruba for as cheap as possible. You receive an address from us that you can use for all your online shopping, you ship it to our address in USA and we get it to you in Aruba.

How fast does my package arrive? 
Our SuperSaver Address, ships at the moment 3 times a month, soon it will be weekly, so that means most cargo arrives in 14 to 18 days (this is an estimate it may take less or a bit longer). Boxes weighing less than 40 Lbs. is shipped with Aircargo when possible, and cargo that's over 4O lbs or more is shipped with ocean cargo.

This address click here

Is the SuperSaver address tax free?
At the moment only our aircargo address in Sarasota is tax free. For aircargo address click here

How much does it cost?
The prices are in the tables above

Is there a membership fee?
At the moment there is no membership fee.

What is the weight limited to ship with ocean cargo? 
Ocean cargo has a limit of 100 pounds at the moment, we advice not to use our services if a box or item is over 80 lbs. But our max is 100 Lbs, also if a box is bigger or longer than a pallet, please do not use any of our address. 

Are there items that are not permitted to ship? 
Our SuperSaver address is a lot more lenient compared to our Sarasota address, that being said there are still things that are not legal to be shipped Drugs, money, illegal items, perishable items, pornographic materials (toys are oke). If you are not sure please do ask us about it.

Can I start shipping as soon as I receive the address? 
YES! As soon as you signup you will have the address and in less than 20 Seconds in your email. And yes go ahead start shopping

Where are you located in Aruba? 
Video con pa jega nos office :) Click on the video to see how to get to our offices.  


KAYAKS They are big, and take up a lot of space, but are not expensive, if you pay 300 dollars for a kayak, the shipping and customs will almost certainly be over 300 dollars. You will not be happy, do NOT ship these with us. Please use any other cargo company, let them disappoint you :)

Car bumpers the same thing. Fridge, sofas, things that are large but with a low price, if you purchase a 2 door Fridge for 200 dollars DO NOT EXPECT to pay 200 AWG for shipping, handing and import duties. Again any item that weighs over 100 lbs. we strongly recommend that you use a different company.

*It's important to understand dimensional weight*

What is dim weight?
Dim weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. For each shipment, you are charged based on the dimensional weight or actual weight of the package—whichever is greater.

Why is dim weight important?
Three main reasons:

Major shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, use dim weight to calculate shipping prices; this is called dim weight pricing.
Dim weight pricing may reduce shipping costs for customers who pack more efficiently.
Reducing packaging can make shipments more environmentally friendly by helping lower fuel emissions, and can help you avoid overpacking, which wastes material.

Imagine how often people ship using packaging that’s too big. To stabilize the contents, these oversized boxes must be packed with extra cushioning. These over-packed boxes fill shipping trucks with cubic feet of unneeded corrugated fiberboard, air pillows, and air cushioning. In some cases, people are literally paying to ship air.

Dim weight pricing can reward customers who eliminate extra, oversized packaging. By increasing the shipment density, we can often pack more products on our trucks and planes.


You missed out!

Ship to Aruba ta usa un hopi mas miho dim weight factor pa e cliente cu ta 200. E dimensional weight di e bike frame cu Ship2aruba ta 69 Lbs. FedEx, USP, DHL ta usa e factor di 139 cu e Dim weight lo sali 100 Lbs.

I like it that their service towards clients is their ultimate Goal !

H. Reeberg

Its just the best on the island.. Hands Downs!!!!!

K. Hodge

Original:Muy buenos precios y buena atención al cliente y excelente calidad de servicio
Translated: Very good prices, and attention to the client, excellent quality of service.

N. Bernal

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